When it comes to hosting an annual corporate event, every brand, every corporate institution thinks of the putting up a higher benchmark every single year.

Better venues, elaborate food menu, experienced hosts, exclusive entertainment options and what not. But what is it that is trending nowadays that sets a class apart! What is everybody talking about?

It is the technology application in the events! Let’s discuss what is going to be the trend of 2018 in terms of event tech tools.

  1. Smart Badges:

Paper badges, lanyards and similar stuff has been going on since a very long time now.

This way what we lose is the opportunity to collect data which somehow plays a major role in conference events. It speeds up the registration process. For eg., every attendee can be mailed a special QR code which stores the complete data provided by the attendee during event registration online and all they have to do is show this code at the registration desk. All that now has to be done is a simple ‘scan’!

This process excites the attendees at the start of the event itself, making them even more keen to look forward to the day.

2. Live Event Promotion, Branding and Sponsorship Opportunities

Anti-gravity booth!

 From tried and tested options, such as digital signage, interactive touch screens and social walls, through to sponsored charging points, projection mapping, and drone streaming, there is the opportunity to be inventive. Sponsors are demanding more and need reassurance about the value they are getting as a result of their investment into the event.

Be a Guerrilla Ninja:

  1. Drone footage can give an exciting and fresh angle to your event, to make people sit up and take notice. Consider creating drone footage over the area around your event venue, capturing sunrise and sunset shots.
  2. If you are using a live streaming tool you probably want to limit these live engagements to 20-30 minutes at the longest, due to audience attention spans and time limitations within the tools themselves.

3.Engagement and Live Interaction Tools

Interaction and engagement through polling, voting and live Q&A is a powerful way to get real time feedback from your audience and to explore what is on the mind of your attendees. By getting instantaneous reactions and feedback it can also be used to pivot the event if it reveals that more time and focus should be given to different issues.

How To Be Better at Engagement:

  1. Every event mobile app now offers live polling. Don’t duplicate apps. Choose all in one solutions.
  2. If you don’t brief your speakers/performers, don’t expect attendees to use engagement tools. You need to properly communicate the use of tech.


Gamification can get attendees excited and using scavenger hunts, challenges and quizzes can be a great way to work as a team and get to know people, as well as exploring the local area and all corners of the show floor. It can be a fun way to ensure contact with your key sponsors and to encourage desired behaviors, such as social media activity, sharing photos, completing challenges and talking to key stakeholders.

How To Make Events Playful! : 

  1. Give a different twist to gamification by having a swag scavenger hunt, where you have to find the vendor who has each item.
  2. Gamification + social media has been proven to create incredible content opportunities. Social media leaderboards can be pretty awesome, Try one for your event and ignite some competition.
  3. Gamifying trade shows is a great way to create traffic to exhibition booths. You can combine scavenger hunts or augmented reality with the action of visiting a booth and learning about exhibitors.

5.Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a hot topic in the event industry, although there sometimes seems to be some confusion over what each technology does. Virtual reality is focused on creating an immersive online environment, within which people can react and enjoy shared experiences.

Use of VR devices as a play & entertainment sessions during the high-tea breaks, during the registration time period keeps them engaged, welcomed and gives them a breather out of the work routine with the same people thus building a bond between the team mates.

6. Crowd-Streaming

This has started to pick-up pace. Facebook live streaming is as simply done by the means of a ‘smartphone’ “So Simple!”

‘Real Time Feedback From Live Technology’ is what reeps out of ‘Crowd Streaming’. We know what the audience is thinking, what are their views on the different elements of the event.

 Use of Live Streaming to Increase Reach and Save Travel Costs

Live streamed video is one of the key technologies underpinning many of the technologies we use for communication and entertainment every day. Its usage is also becoming more prevalent in many areas of the event industry, saving costs on travel and helping to promote events with live content.

Go Live:

  • Use of video conferencing can help bring teams and geographically-scattered decision makers together without the need to travel.
  • Reach more attendees and non-attendees to give them behind the scenes access with free live streaming technology such as Facebook Live.
  • Interpreters can now use video live streaming technology to translate your event remotely and slash the costs of simultaneous translation. Current events technology allows translators to work remotely from laptops or desktops virtually anywhere in the world.

7.Make Attendees Feel Welcome With SMS Messaging

Improve attendee experience by making them feel more welcome. Customize text messages for your event attendees so they receive a welcome message as soon as they land at the airport, or arrive at the hotel.

Things to Consider:

  • Consider SMS messaging as a part of your event tech solution.
  • Think one step ahead of the attendee – they’ve arrived at the airport, how can you help them?

Live 360-degree video, or what many refer to as ‘virtual reality’, uses technology to break down barriers and creates new opportunities for event professionals. Remote attendance is now sexy. We can feel being at the stadium watching a game or experience the speaker at a conference looking at us, or we can interact with the attendee sitting next to us in a third dimension. This type of technology offers much more tangible remote attendance opportunities.

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